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In a city that never sleeps

June 11, 2012

New York, New York, it’s a helluva town (NY Scooter Club photos)

The New York Scooter Club’s annual Scooter Block Party had its seventh outing over the weekend. I’ll spare you my whining about not being able to go.

This year’s Block Party happened in a single day, Saturday. After breakfast at Vespa Brooklyn (these are the folks who post pix of their customers on their new bikes on Facebook), folks had a choice of two rides: A river ride along the Hudson, with lunch in Pierpoint, N.Y., or a beach ride to Coney Island (above) for rides, carnies and Nathan’s hot dogs.

Scooter Bottega

The rides returned to Scooter Bottega in Brooklyn for food, music and the usual rally shenanigans before the nighttime Times Square ride. Oooh. Times Square. At night. Ohhhhhh. The day wrapped up at Crown Victoria, a scooterist-owned establishment in Brooklyn. Oh, the building used to be an NYPD repair shop, hence the name.

Modern Vespas

The NYSC’s motto is, “if you own a scooter, you’re in the club.” You’ll notice lots of modern Vespas. And other modern scooters, too.

Old-skool scoots

Of course, old-skool scooters are well-represented, too. In fact, there’s a large gathering of Oddscoots in the NY ‘burbs every year.


A great turnout, and great weather, too. The NYSC has a ton more pix on Facebook, and you don’t need to be logged in to see ’em. Favicon


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