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2013 3-valve Vespa LX, S break cover *updated

June 8, 2012
2013 Vespa LX 125/150

2013 Vespa LX 3V is available in 125cc and 150cc versions (Piaggio Group photos)

Piaggio introduced its 2013 Vespa LX and S models Thursday. The new scooters feature new 3-valve 125/150cc electronically fuel-injected engines that Piaggio says will raise the bar with respect to power, exhaust emissions and fuel economy.

As you can see, from the outside the new engine looks pretty much like the previous one.

3-valve engine

New 3-valve engine with EFI replaces the LEADER 125/150 in Vespa’s LX and S models

In case you were wondering, the kickstart lever disappeared when the LX and S traded their carburetors for electronic fuel injection. The ones on ET4s and carburetted LXs were a pain in the butt to use; with EFI, kickstarting is not possible if the battery is dead. No great loss… you can now lean a bit more in left turns.

Cylinder head

Here’s the cylinder head. Two intake and one exhaust valve improve breathing, which along with reduced internal friction and other changes results in increased horsepower: the 125 produces 11.6 hp/8.5 kW (vs. the carburetted 150cc LEADER’s 11.4/8.4), while the 150 (which is what we’ll see in the U.S. and Canada) makes 12.9/9.5.

The scooters are otherwise unchanged, save for a new LX color, Verde Portovenere, pictured above. The new engine makes possible an increase in service intervals to 6250 miles (10000 km), which Piaggio says will reduce operating costs. There are also two 50cc versions: the current 3-valve 4-stroke continues, and there’s a 2-stroke version for those markets (i.e., not the U.S.) where such engines still meet local emissions standards.

No specific on-sale date for the U.S. was given; ask your local dealer. Favicon

UPDATE, September 23, 2012: Scooterfile reports 2013 LXs now arriving at U.S. dealers are equipped with the 2-valve engine from 2012 models. No explanation has been given by Piaggio or its U.S. distributor.


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