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May 26, 2012
Taqueria Tequila

LGG’s Meant to Offend kicked off Friday at Taqueria Tequila (Orin O’Neill photos)

Memorial Day weekend has not usually been a rally weekend in my neck of the woods, but this year Los Gatos Gordos’ Meant to Offend has a full slate of activities on tap.

The rally kicked off Friday at Taqueria Tequila, a popular Mexican restaurant in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. All kinds of bikes filled the parking lot.


On this evening, there was only one moped, but there will most likely be more as the weekend goes on.

SYM Symba

There was an SYM Symba, which is often mistaken for a moped.

Safety Ed's Buddy

In all the years I’ve been going to scooter rallies, it has always surprised me that there aren’t more scooters wearing ‘For Sale’ signs. If you’re looking to sell your scooter, a scooter rally is the very best place to get the word out. Or so it would seem.

Safety Ed has put his Buddy Series Italia on the block. A potential buyer would find this a very sweet deal: it only has break-in miles on it, and the initial service has been performed.

Longtime readers may recall when Ed and I went to Kent Kawasaki to pick it up. Sadly, in the meantime Kent Kawasaki has gone out of business. 😦

You’ll notice a few of the tabs have been torn. Heck, I’d consider buying it if I had, you know, money.

Lambretta, Vespa

Harold and his ever-popular Lambretta were there.

Modern Vespas

There were lots of modern Vespas, too. There was even a Burgman. At least I think it was a Burgman. And a few motorcycles.

Ruby Doc Martens

Jackie was rocking the shiny red boots. As far as I know, clicking of the heels will not transport her to Kansas.

Number 37

This was my favorite.

MTO continues through Monday. Take it in, if you can. Favicon

You can see several more pics by clicking here.

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  1. May 26, 2012 5:07 pm

    Like the Symba. It looks a little familiar LOL.

    I, too, like your favorite. I especially like the lights.


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