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Let’s go to Victoria

May 22, 2012
At the ferry dock

At the Anacortes ferry dock (Dorcie Wellman photos)

Victoria Day weekend is Canada’s answer to Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., the unofficial kickoff of summer. In British Columbia’s captial, Victoria, it is also a weekend that sees the streets teeming with scooters.

I couldn’t go this year, but a large group of Bellinghamsters did make the scene. As you can see in the lead picture, there was sunshine on Saturday for the group ride to the ferry dock in Anacortes, Wash. There’s a run to Sidney, B.C. in the morning. EARLY in the morning.

Paul's Motor Inn

Paul’s Motor Inn is a favorite of the scooter crowd, due in no small part to its central location and retro vibe. This event had a James Bond theme.

Dan and Brookie

A good time was had by all. You really need to take this one in, if you’re anywhere near Vancouver Island. Favicon


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