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Vespa India website is live

April 25, 2012

Vespa India website

Piaggio India’s website for its recently-introduced Vespa LX is now live, replacing the placeholder page visitors to were shown Tuesday. The site contains full specifications, a dealer locator and a link via which one can book a test ride.

As you may already know, the current Vespa LX was seriously de-contented for a market that demands low prices and easy DIY maintenance: it features mechanical drum brakes at both ends along with same-size front and rear wheels/tires, which can be easily changed. The ‘Features’ page makes no mention of an ignition immobilizer (scooter theft apparently is not a problem in India), nor is there any mention of electronic fuel injection, which the Indian LX’s 3-valve 125cc engine may not require to meet the Euro 3 emissions standard in effect in India.

Indian Vespa LX

The website has been updated to include pricing; while the Indian business media had previously reported a Rs55,000 sale price (about $1,100 at the time of publication), the prices on the site all seem to fall somewhere north of Rs68,000 ($1,249), depending on city and state (the differences can be sizable). Cheap in the West but on the high side for a 125cc scooter in India.

As the website should make clear, this new Indian Vespa is aimed at India’s emerging middle class, particularly at young people looking to make a fashion statement. Says the website, Vespa “is not just a representation of Italian creativity, but is a unique example of immortal design that has become part of social history. Synonymous with unique values of lifestyle, aspiration, Italian-ness, ‘joie de vivre’, style, fashion, heritage and exclusiveness.”

Color choices are Nero Volcano (black), Giallo Lime (yellow), Rosso Dragon (red), Rosso Chianti (pink), Midnight Blue (which really isn’t) and Monte Bianco (plain old white, no metallic, no pearl).

India’s 2-wheeler market is red-hot at the moment, so Piaggio India will have its hands full meeting domestic-market demand before exports of this LX can be considered.

I have some thoughts about how this scooter might be marketed successfully in the U.S., which I’ll share in my next post. Favicon

This post has been updated with pricing information since it was first published. Just so you know.

The details

MSRP: $1,249 (based on exchange rate at this writing)
Built in: India
Construction: Pressed steel monocoque
Weight: N/A (U.S.-market LX 150 is 243 lbs (110.2 kg))
Length: 69.7 in (1770 mm)
Width: 27.2 in (690 mm)
Wheelbase: 50.8 in (1290 mm)
Front susp: Trailing link with coil spring and telescopic damper
Rear susp: Swingarm w/coil spring and telescopic damper
Front brakes: Mechanical drum
Rear brakes: Mechanical drum
Front tire: 90/100-10
Rear tire: 90/100-10
Engine: SOHC 3-valve 4-stroke 125cc single cylinder, air-cooled w/electronic ignition
Transmission: CVT with centrifugal dry clutch
Power/torque: 10.06 hp (7.5 kw) @ 7500 rpm/7.8 ft-lb (10.6 Nm) @ 6000 rpm

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