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Protect yer bum!

April 23, 2012
ScootRS seat cover

Mesh seat cover will keep your tush cool in the sun, dry in the wet (ScootRS)

The Vespa Granturismo and GTS come with a seat cover. Yet you almost never see said cover being used on parked big Vespas.

Some people may not know about it. I used to forget, then one time I remembered and came back to discover a soaking wet seat, anyway. Since then, I’ve carried a towel.

But ScootRS now offers a novel and much more elegant solution. Their mesh cover, shown above, comes in sizes to fit GT/GTS and LX/S, plus other scooters with similarly-sized seats.

I understand Vietnam is so humid, the paper money wilts; stuff that’s outside can collect moisture that will make your pants wet in all the wrong places. So will rain. The cover puts a layer between you and the seat, concentrating moisture in the spaces between the threads. Likewise, when the broiling sun makes your seat really hot, the cover prevents direct contact. Brilliant!

The price is right, too: $18.99, plus S&H. Favicon

In case you were wondering, I ran across this on my own—ScootRS is not compensating me in any way for this post. I just thought you’d like to know about a useful product.

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  1. Jack Riepe permalink
    April 25, 2012 10:21 am

    Dear Orin:

    I found that interesting… I once had a custom seat made for my bike, that ran around $780. The seat came with a cover, as the stitching holes, both decorative and structural, would admit water and dampness to the foam beneath. I never carried it, as I would almost never ride in the rain. And the bike was almost never left outside.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

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