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1 scutr, riv vu

February 29, 2012

The Empire State Building

I’ve wanted to go to the New York Scooter Block Party just about forever. Aside from my current acute financial challenges, there are other things to consider as well—like how to get the GTS across the country.

NYC Scootering reports the opening of a new business in the Big Apple that would at least put the logistical issue to rest.

Scooters NYC logo

ScootersNYC is a new operation started by the owners of New Jersey-based NJ Scooter Rentals. They offer a nice selection of scooters, including several 50cc options for those without motorcycle endorsements/licenses. As you can see, booking online is quick and easy.

It being New York City, the rental price includes a chain lock (a Kryptonite New York?); ScootersNYC also offers GPS-guided tours and can accommodate almost any special request. Best of all, your rental will be delivered by truck anywhere in the five boroughs.

One of the GTS’ cousins can be had for as little as $49/day, with a one-day rental costing $169 (rates include all taxes and fees).

Much as I would love to ride my GTS in NYC and other exotic places, renting at the destination would save days or weeks on the road, which would make such a journey much more affordable. There are tons of cheap flights to Greater New York. Hmmm. Favicon


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