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Puttin’ a shrimp on the barbie

February 15, 2012
Scooters in Sydney

Sydney, Australia has more scooters parked on a block than you'd see in any U.S. city in a single day (NYC Scootering photo)

It’s still winter in this part of the world. But south of the equator, it’s still summer.

Paul of NYC Scootering posted about his recent trip to Australia to visit his in-laws(!). Nice to have a reason like that.

He spent some time in Sydney and Melbourne, and says riding in either place is not for the faint of heart (this from someone who rides daily in New York City), especially in Melbourne—the city’s ubiquitous streetcars and their tracks making the scooterist’s life, uh, interesting.

As Paul points out, the scooter ecosystem boasts modern and vintage, European and Asian bikes, all peacefully coexisting. There are numerous must-see scooter places in each city, which you can see (along with lotsa pictures) in Paul’s article.

Yet another place I need to visit before I die. Favicon


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