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35 degrees and overcast

January 12, 2012
Parking line

Way to park, Mr./Ms. Lexus SUV! (Orin O'Neill photos)

Oh, joy. There’s a chance of snow on Sunday. And for once the GTS’ ambient temp readout agreed with the credit union sign on Holly Street: 35°F.

It felt more like minus 35 degrees. Western Washingon is rather more humid than the other side, which means cold feels that much colder.

But it’s been so long since any kind of precipitation fell that there’s an air stagnation advisory. The streets, therefore, are quite dry. Yes, a B’ham motorcycle cop dumped his police Beemer, but he hit a patch of oil, not ice. The GTS needs as much exercise as possible before the snow arrives.

Once again, I am reminded how much protection from the cold the mid-height windscreen provides. The shape of the screen (mostly) keeps the cold off the handgrips, so the snowboarding gloves are plenty warm enough. I just don’t like the idea of garments with hot electric wires running through them being anywhere near my skin. As people will tell you (and tell you) in this part of the world, dressing in layers will do the trick. No electricity required.

Mis-parked Prius

While the ability to park a vehicle between painted lines is apparently not universal here, for some reason today it was particularly so.

The lead pic was taken at the Meridian Haggen, which has two spaces next to the cart corral that are wide enough for a scooter or motorcycle. Unless, of course, some entitled twit in a luxury SUV is deathly afraid of being door-dinged by, horrors, a lowly Ford Focus. In most parts of the world, drivers of such vehicles are likely to be much more worried about roadside bombs, which, one would hope, might make them a bit more… courteous?

The Prius illustrates another curious trait of the Bellingham parker, the surprisingly common practice of backing into parking-lot spaces. Invariably, people most likely to do this are driving vehicles affording the worst rear visibility.

No worries, the Prius was there first, and the triangle is quite large. Still, it would be nice if these and other spaces were specifically set aside as scooter/motorcycle parking. I’d happily volunteer to paint such markings, if the property owners were to provide the paint.

Upon my return to the foothill villa, the clouds parted and the sun came out. There’s no chance of moisture falling from the skies until Saturday. The best way to keep gas from going bad is to burn it. I have plenty of layers. Favicon


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