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Vespas attack Manila

December 22, 2011
Scooter group

Yes, there are Lambrettas in the Philippines (Raffy Calma photos)

Earlier this month, the Philippines’ capital, Manila, was attacked by Vespas. I wasn’t there, but Raffy Calma, a fan of the Scootin’ Old Skool Facebook page was, and he took a bunch of pictures. Hit the jump to see a few.

Lambretta, rear view

As you can see, it isn’t just Vespas… there are Lambrettas in the Philippines.

Custom Vespa

The Vespas ran the gamut from stock modern ones to seriously customized old-skool scoots.

Curious onlooker

No matter where in the world you go, a large group of scooters will attract the curious.

Group stopped

Manila is a large, modern city. In fact, whenever I see pictures, I find myself thinking, “the place looks a lot like L.A.”

Group stopped

And like most modern cities, Manila’s traffic can be rather congested. As you can see, Jeepneys haven’t completely disappeared from Manila’s streets.

Rear view

I like the license plates. Washington’s used to look like that (well, except for the notches in the upper corners), before the not-Mount Rainier plates came along in 1987.

Raffy has many more pix, which you can see here. (You will need to be logged into Facebook) Favicon

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  1. December 30, 2011 9:57 am

    Nice to see some common ground the world over ……………Us scooterist/2wheelers all seem to like the same thing whatever the location……..scooterist enjoying scootering!

    great pictures



    scootering adventures uk

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