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Defending her ride

December 8, 2011
Jenn at Race Street Pier

Jenn at Philadelphia's Race Street Pier (

Remember Jenn? She of the R2D2 scooter helmet? Of course you do.

The Philadelphia resident was recently the subject of CBS 3 Eyewitness News’ ‘Defend Your Ride’ segment.

Among other things, we learn that she lives in a neighborhood called Fishtown. And that she mostly uses her Kymco Sento 50 to shoot womp rats. You know what womp rats are, don’t you?

You’ll notice Jenn’s answers are totally in the spirit of the inanity of some of the interviewer’s questions; she does mention being much more irritated by continual requests from people who want to ride pillion. “Only really cool people” get to ride on her scooter, she says.

We’re all used to the questions, right?

I’m actually much more bothered by the idea of a TV news segment called “Defend Your Ride.” I learned at a very early stage of life that the opinions of people I don’t know don’t matter; I also don’t waste a lot of energy worrying about what other people choose to drive. Or not drive. The idea of this here blog has always been to show what owning and riding a motor scooter is really like. People are free to use that information as they wish.

And if they choose to get their knickers in a twist about something I might say here, so be it. Like, say, the members of some Toyota Tacoma forum, one of whom ran across my recent Auto Show post and reported to fellow members that I had dared to call the current Tacoma “North America’s Ugliest Pickup Truck™”. Which I happen to think it is.

I had no idea such a forum would have enough members, irate or otherwise, to generate 617 page views in 24 hours, a number topped only by the Vepsa Quarantasei piece, which generated a record 879 views (and is well on its way to becoming the most-viewed Scootin’ Old Skool post ever). I also got a bunch of nasty e-mails, most of which were worded exactly the same way. Even the misspellings. Make of that what you will.

Had even one of those folks posted a comment on the story, I would have reminded him/her that in subsequent sentences I point out that the Tacoma offers serious truck features at a very reasonable price. “A fine hauler, for sure. Scooter or otherwise,” said I. That I find its styling unattractive wouldn’t stop me from buying one to haul the GTS around, under the right circumstances. A Transit Connect is rather spendy, and I don’t anticipate rolling in money anytime soon. Still waiting for the call, Arianna.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m finding this whole “my car/truck/scooter can beat up your car/truck/scooter” business rather tired. No matter what it is we ride, it’s the enjoyment of riding we have in common. Isn’t it?

I’m hoping to venture out of the upper-left corner with the GTS in the months to come, so as to ride in all these wonderful places I hear so much about. One of them being Philadelphia. Among other things, I’m hoping Jenn will show me where the womp rats hide. Favicon

  1. December 8, 2011 5:07 am

    Of course I know what a womp rat is, I used to bullseye them out of my T-16, but they’re not much bigger than two meters.

    Things that seem terribly important fade away as you get a few years to put things in perspective. I’m pretty sure that no one will write a biography that reads, “…and the proudest moment in my young life is the day I gave that Orin his come-uppins about the Toyota Tacoma, which was, in fact, not THE ugliest truck in the world at the time.” The folks that write that will move on to something new.

    Though, I do feel that (at least in terms of motorcycles) the look of the beast is important, but to move said motorcycle, I would throw it in the back of any used up hunk of garbage I could get a hold of. I drive a Mazda 626 when caging, which happens to be the Japanese iteration of the Ford Taurus, america’s blandest car.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

  2. December 8, 2011 11:21 am

    Where are my manners? I forgot to thank the members of the Tacoma World forum for all the page views! Thanks, guys!!

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