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Renton Motorcycles closes

December 3, 2011

Word comes of the closing of another Seattle-area motorcycle dealer: Renton Motorcycles has closed its doors.

The following statement appeared on the dealership’s Web site:

Dear RMC Customers,

Renton Motorcycles sadly announces that it has closed its doors to make room for the Bob Lanphere Renton Honda Car store. Due to the troublesome economy it just does not make economic sense to relocate RMC. It has been a great honor to serve you and the powersports community. The staff at RMC would like to thank you for the years of patronage, the friendships we made, and the trust you put in us.

We will have limited staff on hand for the next few weeks so you will be able to pick up your special order parts, cancel your pre-paid maintenance contracts, cash in your RMC gift cards and retrieve your bikes out of service. Please contact us at or call us at 425.226.4320.

Take the time to get out and ride and hope to see you on the road.

–RMC Staff

Renton Motorcycles was owned by the Bob Lanphere Auto Group of Beaverton, Oregon. The company also owns Downtown Harley-Davidson, which will remain open, and car dealerships Renton Honda and Renton Kia. The Honda dealership will move from its present location, which is on leased property, to the Renton Motorcycles location, which the company owns.

There are no plans to reopen Renton Motorcycles in a different location. The company operates a Honda-Yamaha-Suzuki dealership in Beaverton.

The company cited the depressed U.S. powersports market and the business advantages of moving the Honda car dealership to the Renton Motorcycles location as the reasons for the closure. The Tukwila Reporter has more details. Favicon

One Comment
  1. jon permalink
    December 3, 2011 6:21 pm

    I have been to that dealership many times. Talk about a HUGE motorcycle shop! I suppose I should have been suspicious when I went there about Sept 1st and saw that they were way down on stock of motorcycles.

    I can tell you that I probably would never have bought a bike from them because they did not allow test rides at all. I would patronize a dealership that allows test rides, and many do.

    I retired from Destination Harley-Davidson last August and knew a bunch of good people working at Downtown HD, so I’m glad they are staying with us.

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