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With another capital ‘T’

November 13, 2011

Morning meetup

Just because the weather’s cold, rainy and windy doesn’t mean you can’t have a scooter rally.

Sunday saw the third edition of the F**k Yeah SC’s Trouble in T-Town rally. I made it to the first one, but haven’t been back since—circumstances have just gotten in the way. I would’ve gone in spite of the crummy weather, if not for the distance between Tacoma and Bellingham. And that wouldn’t be a problem in June or July, when there’s so much more daylight.


Always be ready to adapt to changing conditions... (Frank Kuzmanich photos)

Anyway, you can see from the lead pic the turnout was quite good. And a good time was had by all. Next year, I hope. F**K Yeah! Favicon

UPDATE: Check out the F**k Yeah Facebook page. (You might need to be logged into Facebook to see it. Sorry.)


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