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2012 Yamaha Zuma 50F: Serious improvement

October 29, 2011
2012 Yamaha Zuma 50f

Yamaha Zuma 50F comes in white, black and, of course, Team Yamaha Blue (Yamaha)

On the subject of Yamaha scooters, the company recently introduced its 2012 Zuma 50F in San Francisco. It seems my invitation got lost in the mail. Oh, well. Mr. Scooter Scoop hisownself, Steve Guzman, was there, and he produced a video review which follows the jump.


To summarize, Yamaha’s 50cc street fighter gets a complete makeover, highlighted by a new liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 4-stroke engine. Rider and pillion will enjoy a more comfortable seat and riding position, while a $2,540 MSRP and claimed 132 mpg fuel consumption will be easy on anyone’s wallet.

The gas tank has been relocated to the floorboard, freeing up enough space for a full-face helmet in the underseat storage bin. The claimed 40 mph top speed was attainable on flat ground, but if any of your riding is done on sizeable hills, you may want to consider the $3,350 Zuma 125. Favicon

Plus: Increased comfort for two, 132 mpg, lotsa storage, it has a CUPHOLDER.

Minus: It’s still a 50. Hills could be difficult…

The details

MSRP: $2,540
Built in: N/A
Construction: Tubular steel frame with plastic body panels
Wet* weight: 205 lbs (93 kg) (*fluids full, no accessories)
Length: 73 in (1854 mm)
Width: 28.8 in (732 mm)
Wheelbase: 50.3 in (1278 mm)
Front susp: Telescopic fork
Rear susp: Swingarm w/coil spring & telescopic damper
Front brake: Hydraulic disc
Rear brake: Mechanical drum
Front tire: 120/90-10
Rear tire: 120/90-10
Engine: SOHC 3-valve 4-stroke 49cc, liquid-cooled w/EFI and electronic ignition
Transmission: CVT with centrifugal clutch
Power/torque: N/A
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  1. October 29, 2011 5:57 am

    Mitch and Steve are really a great team and this video shows it. cool ass scoot too!

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