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Word on the StrEAT

September 29, 2011
StrEAT Food trailer

The GTS at StrEAT Food (Orin O'Neill photos)

Lunch was an easy decision today. StrEAT Food is in the ‘Ham.

While not as numerous as in Portland, nor as exotic as L.A., Bellingham has food on wheels. In fact, Veg Express, whose lot StrEAT Food will share, is a trailer.

Veg Express

I don’t get to this part of town often, but when I have been here, I’ve never noticed any customers at Veg Express. Well, it is a drive-through.

StrEAT Burger

James and Poem are scooter folk, and they’ve been creating a legion of fans (known as “StrEAT Urchins” 🙂 ) in and around Ferndale with their moveable feast.

I went for the StrEAT Burger: 1/3 lb of Oregon beef with lettuce, onion and cheddar surrounded by a cornmeal bun.

A fellow diner went for the Pork Taco, which I considered as well. Braised pork shoulder, sweet potato bacon hash, sauteed greens and spicy basil BBQ sauce served in a soft tortilla. A couple Hamster Runs ago, StrEAT Food served up a breakfast taco and raspberry scone that were DEE-lish.

Ilse's Schnitzel Haus

Ilse’s Schnitzelhaus opened up in the parking lot of the Bellingham Public Market about a year ago. Ilse’s has also developed a loyal following with authentic German dishes, featuring, of course, schnitzel.

Electric cars

There’s even a handy charging station for your electric car. Or scooter.

Taco truck

There are two taco trucks in Bellingham that I know of. The one above is parked at the Shell station on Samish Way, and there’s another one on Iowa Street. Haven’t tried either of them yet, but I will.

There seems to be nowhere to go but up for mobile food. You can “Like” Bellingham Food Trucks‘ Facebook page to keep up with where and when.

And if you missed StrEAT Food’s lunch service, they’ll be open for dinner from 5:00-7:00 pm at the Veg Express lot on Ohio Street. I’m thinking dessert. Favicon


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