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Amerivespa 2011: Day 3

June 18, 2011
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva, Wisconsin (Geneva Lake Association)

In case you haven’t already heard, Amerivespa 2012 will be held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, which is kinda near Chicago. Kinda. This makes me think it will be a camping rally. We’ll see.

In the meantime, Lorenzo has more Amerivespa 2011 doings after the jump.

The awards banquet at the Hilton Riverside was today’s big happening, and it didn’t disappoint… it was a well-run, first-class affair. Four, count ’em, FOUR whole roast pigs highlighted a menu that featured cajun and creole cuisine. For dessert there was a King Cake. These are commonly served during Mardi Gras, and a tiny baby Jesus is baked into the cake. If your slice has the baby Jesus, you win something. Some lucky soul won the first scooter to be given away, a Vespa GTS. Didn’t say if it was a 250 or 300, but does that really matter? It’s a FREE scooter!

Here are the award winners:

Krylon King (best rattle-can paint job): Paul Hauser
Rat Bike: Murf Murry
Lambretta Original Restoration: Rob Arnold
Lambretta Customized: Sergio Savoy
Odd Scooter (i.e., not a Vespa or Lambretta): Mike McWilliams, Heinkel Tourist
(Honorable Mention was a Ducati Brio, but I didn’t catch the owner’s name, sorry!)
Best Ruckus (the Future of Scooter Rallies): Sean Fallon
Automatic Other Scooter: Steven Smith, Houston, Tex., Italjet Dragster
Best 3+ Wheeler: Didn’t catch the owner’s name, but it was a military-themed Vespa with a sidecar. And a mounted machine gun.
Best-Represented Club: The Sunday Punchers from Houston, with over 40 members attending.
Farthest Traveled: Christian Varn, Hamburg, Germany
Farthest Ridden: John Gerber, on a Yamaha Majesty, from Portland, Maine
Best Wide-body Vespa: Randy Campbell, VB1
Best Vespa Sport: Jim Stoffegren
Best 60s-70s Vespa Original Restoration: Jack Pentzer, Nashville, Tenn.
Best 60s-70s Vespa Custom: Super Dave Baamond, “Color of Music”
Best Smallframe Original Restoration: Randy Campbell
Best Smallframe Custom: Burke Sandman
Best Modern Manual Vespa: Charlie Favre, P200
Best Modern Manual Custom Vespa: Dawn Brookes-Baamond
Best Modern Auto Vespa: Susan Pritchard
People’s Choice: Super Dave Baamond
Best in Show: Jim Stoffegren, Vespa SS

Sunday will see the gymkhana and slow race, and the big raffle, where the rest of the scooters will be given away. _Lorenzo Favicon

  1. June 19, 2011 5:42 am

    The story behind the GTS award… the actual winner already has a couple scoots, so after a brief discussion with a ‘newbie’ and after an agreed amount of cash was decided the winning ticket was exchanged! (sad to say, I was at the wrong place at the right time and it wasn’t me!) All other holders of the baby received either 5 or 10 free raffle tickets… so the game ain’t over yet 😉

  2. June 19, 2011 6:06 pm

    The person that won the Stella won it with a raffle ticket she got from the king cake baby. She got 5 tickets, and gave one to each of her friends, but when they left early they gave her the tickets back and boom. Won a Stella. Her husband came up and accepted the prize and directly after the Super was won he offered a straight trade but the winner of the Super said HELL NO! You go girl!

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