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Amerivespa 2011: Day 2

June 18, 2011

That's a LOT of scooters. Or a lotfull, anyway. (Amerivespa photo)

Amerivespa kicks into high gear. Lorenzo has the very latest, after the jump.

Still very hot in NOLA, there were two rides Friday: the New Orleans Scooter Girls’ City Ride, and the one I went on, the Neighborhood Ride.

If you’ve ever been to the Big Easy Weekender, the Neighborhood Ride would seem very familiar. We rode through the ‘Quarter before taking in the parks and other sights of the city. There were two breakdowns on the way to the Rock ‘n Bowl.

I would guess about 140 scooters went on the Neighborhood Ride, with a smaller group taking the City Tour. We bowled, we ate— there was a continuous flow of beans & rice and crawfish etouffee. A lotta beer, too! And nobody asked me for money.

There was music by a live trio, which was joined onstage by VCOA president Mike Bobadilla. He’s GOOD! Dude can play!

After lunch, it was back to the hotel to get ready for the evening’s party at The Howlin’ Wolf, featuring a very classy burlesque show (no poles here) by Fleur de Tease.

Rock ‘n Bowl’s parking lot was FULL, but people were still arriving from Houston and Florida, among other places. I’ll have a better idea of the actual count on Saturday.

I was approached by an apparently intoxicated woman from the restaurant across the street who demanded I take her picture on a Vespa with her wearing a Stars-and-Stripes helmet! A waiter from the restaurant then came to tell her her dinner was ready! Bizarre.

Oh, and there was a guy with a cooler strapped onto the back of his Lambretta who was serving drinks. So I had one! 😉

Saturday will be the big news day, with the concours and vendor show in the morning, and the awards banquet in the evening. That’s when the host city for Amerivespa 2012 will be officially announced, but the rumors are already flying, and they’re saying… Chicago. Stay tuned!

_Lorenzo Favicon

The Times-Picayune has a story about Amerivespa. Be sure to look at the photo gallery.

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  1. June 18, 2011 4:46 am

    Lorenzo, is this why you’re always moving, never stopping to rest?

    How did I miss Mike joining the band?! Hope someone got video.

    Last night’s burlesque was also a lot of fun. The New Orleans clubs, particularly the Co-Op, have really pulled out the stops this year with the entertainment and activities.

    I’ve been guessing Chicago as the site for AV2012 for a while, but a few people who may know better have cast doubt on this. It’s quite possible they’re just messing with me to preserve the surprise tonight.

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