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Return to the land of flashing green traffic signals

September 3, 2010
Breakfast at Denny's

The GTS is packed and ready to go! (Orin O'Neill photo)

This trip to Vancouver is different in just about every way.

Last time, I rode the PX. From Seattle. It was cold and rainy. And when Brent and I got close to Vancouver, a disabled U-Haul brought traffic to a standstill.

Today, the sun shines brightly in a nearly cloudless sky. I have the GTS now. And I’m taking a different route, skirting the edges of I-5 and BC 99.

That last time saw a sparse turnout. This time, if everyone who indicated on Facebook they’re “Confirmed” or “Maybe” attending, there could be over 200 bikes, which would make the 2010 Vancouver Olympibad the biggest scooter rally I’ve been to this year.

Crossing the border is always a crapshoot, but since last time a couple new resources have become available.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has a free app for your smartphone, with traffic maps, pass conditions and, most importantly today, border wait times. Get it at the iPhone app store, or wherever you get apps for your mobile device.

Another handy tool is Vancouver’s AM730 radio, which broadcasts all traffic reports, all the time. It’s also available on the Web, and while it’s most useful once you actually get to Vancouver, you’ll find up-to-date border crossing info as well.

I’m leaving at 1:00. We’ll see who comes along… Favicon

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  1. September 3, 2010 2:18 pm


    attendees will also include lurkers, such as myself who will not ever be FaceBook users. See you at the Meet and Greet tonight. AM1130 broadcasts border lineup reports every 10 minutes on the “1’s” . The border will probably be light for Northbound traffic. Southbound will be a nightmare


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