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When the lights go down in the City

September 1, 2010
S.F. Classic meetup

Harold and his Lambretta made the scene in S.F. (Harold Hollingsworth photos)

The annual San Francisco Classic scooter rally is a vintage-only event. I can’t participate, since I don’t have a vintage scooter. Luckily, I know someone who does—Harold and his lovely Lambretta made the scene, and he tells us all about it.

The journey to the San Francisco Classic is one I truly look forward to. As soon as I cross into California and hit the Liquor Barn in Redding, the rally for me has officially started! (My lawyer reminds me to mention that drinking and riding don’t mix, so please enjoy your adult beverages responsibly. —Ed.)

I got into San Francisco on Friday the 13th, even though the rally had officially started on the 12th. Unloaded my Lambretta and headed to Caffe Trieste to meet up with the rest of the pack for the night ride around S.F. and then to the perennial Black Sheep Scooter Club watering hole, the Edinburgh Castle. Rick, Dion, TwoToneCommando and Lady E were our night’s wonderful DJs, classic ska, soul, and beat rocked us till closing!

San Francisco, from Twin Peaks

I had a small mechanical issue; my throttle cable snapped, so I walked my scoot and missed the night ride. Fixed the next day with some wonderful help from organizer Barry Gwin, setting me up with two wonderful gentleman from Santa Maria named Chad and Kenny who set me back in motion, even better than before!

Kev and Darma get hitched

The Saturday ride was amazing! We rode downtown, past the waterfront, causing many a tourist to pull out the camera to capture the queue of over 175 vintage scoots. We proceeded up through the beautiful Presidio and around the outer bay past the famous Cliff House Restaurant and along Ocean Beach. From there we went to Twin Peaks, where we took a break for Kev and Darma, a couple from Long Beach, to get married.

We then saddled up and headed back downtown to the DNA Lounge where we were treated to the Minks, an all-girl Kinks tribute band, who put on a fantastic performance. Awards were handed out, a gentleman from Italy who had riden a scoot across the US and Canada prior to arriving in the Bay Area was recognized (you can follow his travels here).

Saturday night was time to bring out the suit and tie, for a nice evening scoot to the Rockit Room where The LaTeenos and The Ogres played classic garage music of Mexican-meets-60’s influence. Northern Soul DJ’ Kev, (remember, he got married earlier in the day) spun some great tunes.

There were two rooms so we all had plenty of space and choices. The second room featured Black Sheep Brando, Dr Scott and C3PLO spinning. Did some dancing, laughing and making sure Kenny and Chad didn’t pay for any drinks that night—thanks again for the Throttle assist boys!

Vintage scoots in S.F.

Sunday we all gathered at the Vega, a wonderful Lambretta-influenced cafe where we coffee’d up and prepared for the Sunday ride through the city. Our destination was McLaren Park for the afternoon BBQ and dodgeball game. Fun was had, the sun broke out and overall, it was a fantastic time!

—Harold Hollingsworth

I’ll bet it was! Harold has many more pix in a Flickr photo set. San Francisco is a place I very much want to ride; the San Francisco Scooter Girls will host their fourth edition of So Far, So Good Sept. 21, 2010. All scooters are welcome, as are all genders and gender identities. Favicon

  1. September 1, 2010 5:04 pm

    Very nice photos. Especially like the tilt-shift effect of the downtown shot.

  2. Caprice permalink
    September 1, 2010 6:49 pm

    Wonderful article Harold. Makes me regret missing it….next year for sure!
    Great photos, great scooter. Glad you made the scene.


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