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Amerivespa 2010: The wrapup (updated again)

May 31, 2010
Amerivespa 2010, San Antonio, Tex.

Scooters invade the Alamo (Paul, via

Lorenzo is back in the Golden Triangle (a 300-mile trip from San Antone, he says). A final report follows the jump.

• On the subject of Amerivespa 2011 in NOLA—according to Joe Paolucci of New Orleans, it would most likely be in June. “The way VCOA likes it, when school’s out, you know.” It’s gonna be another scorcher! (Unless there’s a hurricane… —Ed.)

• They raffled off 6, yes that’s SIX bikes!
Friday—(at the Lucha Libre wrestling) a Sachs MadAss
Saturday—(at the banquet) a Vespa LX 50
Sunday—(after the gymkhana) a 2-stroke Stella, a Symba, a Kymco Like 50, and another Vespa LX50.

• Furthest ridden: Randy Hicks of Seattle, 2,680 miles both ways. He says, “It was a very EVENT-ful ride…” He posted regular updates on his Facebook page.

• Official count (from Dawn): “Just shy of 500.”

• My test-ride impressions of the Kymco Downtown 300i (in the hotel parking lot): As most of the larger maxi’s tend to be bulls in a china shop in slow-speed situations, this middle-weight offers a surprisingly feather-light throttle response, accurate steering around tight corners with lots of finesse and poise, monster-powerful (slightly grabby) braking, and plenty of vibration-free straight-line acceleration, when needed. An impressive, all-around performer sure to become a hit!

• Event winners:
Gymkhana: Jason Curci of Pensacola, Fla.
Slow Race: Pietro “Pistol Pete” “Monterey Pete” Cervantes, Santa Cruz, Calif.

• I will have photos on Flickr, after the rally hangover goes away… 🙂


From: John M Dietrich (“NOLa John”)

“3rd week in June to be exact, 16th~19th, 2011.”
You’ve just heard it from me first!


Here are Lorenzo’s Amerivespa pix.

UPDATE, June 4, 2010: There’s now a photo gallery on Favicon

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