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Amerivespa 2010: Day 2

May 29, 2010

Shouldn't the plate say "scooter"? (Lawrence Hsu photo)

Today’s biggest story is about next year’s event. Heeeerrrre’s Lorenzo:

• It’s a done deal—Amerivespa 2011 will be in New Orleans. No date has been set, but New Orleans can be just as hot and humid as Texas, if not more so. The NOLA contingent is very excited about this.

• Chris from Germany finds the concept of a “hotel rally” rather interesting. In Europe, scooter rallies usually involve camping.

• Chris is working on a book, due to be released in 2012, about handlebar Vespas. He should know all about them, since he has 70 of them (that’s seventy)!

• The busiest place on the manufacturer’s midway has been the GoGo Gear booth. It didn’t hurt that they were giving away a pair of their unisex gloves to the first 25 males who showed up. The ScooterGirls plan to expand their product lineup to include more stuff for men.

• Corazzo was doing a brisk business as well. Their mesh jacket is particularly popular.

• Chatting with Joe Worford of Kymco, he tells me 2010 is a transitional year for the company’s product lineup. By 2011, all the carbureted scooters will be gone, replaced by fuel-injected models. EFI is the only way to meet stricter emissions standards. In fact, all new scooters in Taiwan have had EFI since 2009.

Kymco Like 200i

Kymco Like 200i (Kymco USA photo)

• A 200cc version of the Kymco Like is “in the pipeline” for the U.S.

• The Piaggio tech session was very basic, mostly covering stuff I already do myself.

• People are spending most of their time anywhere there’s air conditioning. Temperatures will be in the low 90s for the rest of the weekend. _Lorenzo Favicon


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