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Do it your own dang self

May 26, 2010
The Causeway in Victoria, B.C.

On Victoria Day weekend, the Causeway is Scooter Central (Jen O'Toole photos)

Last weekend scooteristi converged on British Columbia’s captial city, Victoria, for the Do It Yourself Rally.

*Sigh!* I missed it again, but Jen-O was part of a contingent of Scooters of Bellingham members making the scene, and she took lotsa pictures.

Lord Vader was in tha house, yo

She said there weren’t as many scoots as in years past (that seems true of scooter rallies in general), and not so many vintage bikes, either (again, a trend everywhere). But it was a good time. And aside from a bit of rain on the trip over, the weather was decent, too.

Honda Ruckii

Spring Scoot saw a bunch of Honda Ruckuses and so did Victoria. Kitted 50cc scooters are much more common in Canada.

Jen-O's Stella

Here’s Jen-O’s Stella. There were lots of Stellas, and they all came from the U.S.; the Stella was not sold in Canada in its 2-stroke days. Don’t know if that will change now that the Stella has gone 4-stroke. Favicon


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