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Nora Ephron’s mom was right, the epilogue

March 27, 2010
Beautiful downtown Centralia

A mural in downtown Centralia, Wash. (Orin O'Neill photos)

The sun was shining brightly as the GTS and I headed south. I’m glad I decided to spend Friday night in Seattle and ride back Saturday morning. I’m thinking I might be getting a bit old for 400+ miles in a day, or even two. Our friend Chuck is going to ride his MP3 to Amerivespa in San Antonio. Yes, the one in Texas.

The nice thing about the ride between Seattle and Portland is stopping halfway, in Centralia. Especially if you time it to have lunch at McMenamins Olympic Club.

Wood-burning stove at McMenamins Olympic Club

Like the many other McMenamins establishments, the food is good, and the building is preserved in all of its quirky glory. The wood stove above is functional, and had wood burning in it when the picture was taken.

Lost among the Harleys

Look closely—the GTS is in there somewhere...

This day surely set a record for the number of 2-wheelers on the road. The GTS was the only scooter, however. It was pretty much all big twins, all the way. Lots of Secret Motorcycle Waves, which are not so freely given in Portland.

The wind was fairly strong crossing the Lewis & Clark Bridge, which can be nerve-wracking due to its two rather narrow lanes. It’s too easy to picture a big gust sending me into the path of a logging truck in the opposite lane.

Of course, reaching the other side means… US 30… Favicon


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