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Six months already?

February 2, 2010

The GTS at the Roseway Theatre

Gosh, I’ve been in Portland for half a year now?

While I’m still finding Portland a very agreeable place to be unemployed, if I don’t find a job soon I might have to go somewhere else.

And somewhere else could include Seattle, though reading things like this (pay particular attention to the comments) only reminds me why I wanted so badly to leave. A formerly laid-back, blue-collar city with a sense of humor has turned into a gentrified theme park full of people who are just too hip for their own good.

Now that I’ve seen Avatar, I can offer a possible answer to Mr. Mudede’s question (which I probably could have posed without the expletive): Avatar is the most stunning, mesmerizing work of visual art ever created. Not just the landscapes, but the incredible detail of those landscapes. The flying creatures, the ambulatory ones. The glowing vegetation. The stuff floating in the air. Heck, even the military hardware is incredible.

Yeah, so it’s Dances with Wolves in outer space. And surely someone could’ve come up with a better name for the stuff the earthlings want to kill off the Na’vi for than unobtanium, which is a term usually used to describe things like spare parts for a 1946 Vespa 98. And the USB capability in the Na’vi’s ponytails (aka queues) surely has more to do with a deleted scene (which will most likely be included on the DVD) than any spirtual connection with the fanciful creatures. Or the trees.

So what?

I’ve often said the GTS is 2-wheeled, motorized crack. Well, Avatar is visual crack. Just as addictive, perhaps, but a whole lot cheaper at nine bucks a hit (including the 3-D glasses), and probably not as debilitating. As the drug, not the bike. 😉

So people will see Avatar a bunch of times. People saw Star Wars a bunch more times in 1977, probably because movie tickets only cost three bucks back then. People go to see Jimmy Buffett a whole bunch of times, for gosh sakes.

We’re talking about entertainment here. Vegging out for two hours and 40 minutes (which passes very quickly, BTW), so as to enjoy the pretty colors. Or the stuff blowing up, your choice. Favicon


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