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31 degrees and sunny

December 5, 2009
ICE on the GTS' windscreen

That's *ice* on the GTS' windscreen. And the seat. (Orin O'Neill photos)

I’m thinking, try KATU’s studios are closest to where I’m going. Current temp is… 30 degrees?!

It’s been rather cold lately, and there’s talk of snow Sunday. I had places to go, and as you know the GTS is the one and only vehicle at the moment. So I try some of the other local news Web sites. They all say 30°F, except, which shows 34.

The house is almost completely in the shade, and there’s a cloudless blue sky, so I figure once I remove the layer of ice from the windscreen and the seat I’ll be okay. But how?

A washcloth soaked in hot water does the trick on the seat, while a credit card does nicely clearing the windscreen (which has more ice on the side facing me).

Halsey is bone dry, it being completely exposed to the sun. Still, the temperature readout is urgently flashing *35°*. The idea there is to let you know there might be ice.

Parked in front of Corazzo

Corazzo, makers of my beloved 5.0 jacket, is based in Portland. Inner Northeast, actually. They were having a warehouse/sample sale, so I thought I’d check it out. As you can see, they thoughtfully requested motorcycle parking in front of their door.

There was much I liked, but nothing I could afford at the moment, so it was off to get groceries. With a stop at the Hollywood Starbucks along the way. Did I mention is was cold?

The temp had climbed into the 40s as I turned left onto Glisan. Given the talk of snow on Sunday and maybe Monday, I want to make sure there are sufficient provisions. No riding in snow and ice for me, thanks.

It was a balmy 45°F as I packed the mule, er, the GTS for the trip home. I recently discovered NE 68th Avenue, which makes getting back to the house quicker and easier. You pass by the green space. And the juvenile detention facility. Favicon

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  1. December 6, 2009 10:25 pm

    Yeah, similar temps here as well. Supposed to get down to 22 tonight. I’ve been riding both the MP3 and the GTS. Skirt and muffs on the GTS while I use my heated jacket liner with the MP3. Still, it’s cold! Hope the snow stays away!!!

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