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Reader’s Ride: Where there’s real fall colour

October 16, 2009

When it comes to fall colors, New England never disappoints, Our lucky friend Jeff Roddick just got back from that neighborhood. He drives a moving truck, so he gets to go all over North America. But he doesn’t carry 52-inch plasma TVs and waterbeds to exurban McMansions, oh no. He’s the guy you call when you want to transport art exhibits, or concept cars, or other way cool stuff. And there’s plenty of room in a 40-foot enclosed trailer to take a scooter along. Take it away, Jeff!

I would definitely recommend New England this time of year, the foliage is spectacular. Here’s my new Summer place (in my dreams) near Bethel, Conn.

A Connecticut Yankee... scooter?

I saw lot’s of m’cycles but no scooters on my ride. In New York, just west of Danbury, Conn. the State Police had a motorcycle inspection station set up in the rest area on I-84. There were signs on the freeway advising all motorcycles to exit and the cops had two chase cars waiting to run down scofflaws. Thankfully I was driving the big truck and not the rat scooter which is deficient as far as legality is concerned.

Connecticut Yankee scooter

Jeff Roddick photos

There must be enough dry laid stone fence in Connecticut to reach the moon, if not the planet Mercury. Lots of historic and archeological sites as well.

I managed to ride my scooter in 11 states on this trip and probably only put a couple hundred miles on it. —Jeff Roddick Favicon


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