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Running around

September 1, 2009
Lloyd Center Village Inn

Lloyd Center Village Inn (Orin O'Neill photos)

There were errands today.

One was in NE Portland, not so far from the house. Getting rid of more stuff, actually, though this was something I could’ve gotten rid of a long time ago.

I decide to treat myself to a big breakfast. There’s a Village Inn near Lloyd Center, conveniently placed between Weidler and Broadway. “Breakfast served all day” said the sign. I’ll have the Rancho Omelet with pancakes, please.

On the way to the GTS, I remember I need to stop by AAA and get some maps. I’ll be off to Spokane Scoot next weekend, so a map of Spokane would be nice. Well, a GPS unit would be nicer, but the maps are free.

Cross the Broadway Bridge, through downtown (which is much livelier on a Tuesday afternoon than downtown Seattle), I’m looking for 6th & Market, which is where AAA’s office is.

I’m on Broadway (sadly, without a posse), Market runs toward the river, so an easy left turn should get me there.

Except you can’t turn left. I lose count of the “No Left Turn” signs by the time I end up at Portland State University. Maybe there’s a way to 6th Avenue from here.

Nope. PSU is chockablock with twisty dead ends, the one I’m on going up Pill Hill. Okay, I’ll just go back the way I came.

AAA, dowtown Portland

Which takes me straight to the corner of 6th & Market.

There are motorcycle spaces in AAA’s parking lot. They aren’t marked as such, but they radiate from a stairway that’s nowhere near wide enough to accommodate a car. The GTS fits like a glove in one of them.

Got the maps. The sun’s out, so taking Naito Parkway seems mandatory. There’s a nice view of Waterfront Park and the river leading to the Steel Bridge, and to the Convention Center. From there, it’s a left, right, left to Weidler and the east side part of Broadway.

Before arriving at the 39th/Broadway/Sandy confluence, I decide to stop for an iced coffee at Starbucks. It’s sunny, and I have nowhere else to be today. They have a motorcycle parking spot, too. Favicon

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  1. September 3, 2009 4:17 pm

    The Lloyd Center is one of my favorite field office stops. Good place to grap a cuppa’, make some phone calls, and people watch.

    I’ve ridden up Jackson to Pill Hill. Nice twisties but I can’t shake the idea of climbing to the top of an ant hill!

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