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While colour lights up your face

August 13, 2009
C.A. Wells building

The C.A. Wells building is quite colorful (Orin O'Neill photos)

I like old buildings. I hate beige. NE Portland has lots of the former, almost none painted the latter.

Riding around trying to get my bearings, the distractions are numerous. Old buildings have been a longtime fascination, and my new neighborhood is filled to overflowing with architectural eye candy.

I don’t know if the color scheme of the C.A. Wells building looked as it does when it was new (contrary to popular belief, the Victorian style was very colorful), but it’s sure hard to miss now. An apartment on the top floor was available when I took the picture. Your friends would have no excuse for not being able to find you if you lived there.

A colorful house

In Seattle, the odd house in Wallingford or Ballard might look like the one above; in Northeast there’s one (or more) on every block. Beige houses are the odd ones here.

Hollywood Tan

Not far from the house above is this building. Businesses aren’t afraid of color, either. Both are in NE Portland’s Hollywood District.

The color scheme works

This building is not only colorful, it is one of many, many examples of the Art Deco style found throughout the city. You know, the kind of stuff Seattle says it wants to preserve, then knocks down and replaces with 4-story apartment/condo buildings. With ground-level retail, of course.

The Pagoda

Chinese restaurants are often housed in colorful buildings. The Pagoda, above, is at the corner of NE 39th and Broadway. Yes, the Pagoda was Chinese, not Asian Fusion. Favicon

  1. August 14, 2009 8:36 am

    In the words of Harvey Milk ” Ya gotta give’em hope!” Living in rainy city USA with beige houses would be deadly. I expect the GTS to go rainbow soon, like a chameleon.

  2. August 14, 2009 10:58 am

    No, the GTS will remain black. It could get traded in if orange is added to the color choices for a 300 Super… 😉

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