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Another West Seattle Summerfest

July 12, 2009
Scooter clock

Does this scooter clock keep scooter time? (Orin O'Neill photo)

With the exception of downtown, every neighborhood in Seattle has at least one of the following: a farmer’s market, an artwalk, and a street fair. West Seattle has all three.

It was West Seattle’s turn for the street fair this weekend, the West Seattle Summerfest having its 27th annual appearance.

Closed street

West Seattle's Summerfest closed streets at the Junction

The Summerfest happens at the Junction, so named because the intersection of California Avenue SW and SW Alaska Street was once the convergence of two streetcar lines.

The local merchants take full advantage of the fest, especially the restaurants, which create patio seating on the sidewalks. There are lots of crafts vendors, plus the usual collection of insurance agents and purveyors of new-agey stuff. This is Seattle, after all.

Seafair Pirates, post-invasion

Over at Alki Beach, the Seafair Pirates staged their annual invasion, which marks the beginning of Seafair, Seattle’s city-wide summer festival.

Alki being ridiculously crowded, I pointed the GTS toward White Center. A sudden craving for a DQ Blizzard® had taken hold, and oddly enough there are no more Dairy Queens within the city limits of Seattle.


I ate. The GTS watched. Favicon


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