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Someone left the biscotti out in the rain

May 29, 2009

Western Washington has been having phenomenal weather lately, with more to come for another five days, at least. A good time to check out Lincoln Park, I think.

On sunny days, everyone flocks to Alki Beach. Yes, the traffic can be as bad as you might think, and being scooterless at the moment often makes me think twice about trying to go there.

Lincoln Park, West Seattle

I guess the people who cruise Alki don’t think of Lincoln Park because you can’t take your car (or motorcycle, or scooter) in there. That can be a good thing; there are lots of trails, and lots of viewpoints. The picture above was taken on the Ridge Trail.

Beach trail, Lincoln Park

You get to Colman Pool and the beach by taking this kinda steep trail. Not so bad going down, but coming back up might be difficult if you’re not used to walking long distances uphill.

Alki Point is in the distance

You’ll notice you’re between landmarks. Looking north, Alki Point is in the distance. Look south, and you’ll see the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, which is much closer.

Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal

Alki Beach can get really crowded if the sunset is likely to be a good one. Lincoln Park has lots of places to view sunsets, many with convenient benches.

The Olympic Mountains at sunset

The Olympic Mountains aren’t nearly as close as they appear… the same optical illusion resulting from heat and humidity that can make Mount Rainier seem like it’s right next door is at play here. In fact, they look even closer from my living room window, though I’m actually a bit further away.

Sunset from Ridge Trail

This time of the year, it will stay light until well past the time the sun actually drops below the horizon (or the mountains). It can be 10:30 pm or later before darkness actually falls. Favicon


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