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Moped parking

May 13, 2009

On Monday, our instructor reminded us that there are just three more class sessions left. Complete those, and I will receive a certificate that states I know enough about Standards-Based Web Design to be dangerous.

It will also mean no more parking in the Pacific Place garage, at least not every Monday night. The GTS still being laid up at Big People, I’ve been taking the Estate. Four hours of parking after 5:00 pm: four bucks. Being able to go home right after class instead of waiting almost an hour for the bus: priceless. Or at least worth the 25-cent difference between parking and bus fare.

The weather on Monday being particularly nice, the garage was full of 2-wheelers. Here are some of them:

New Kymco People

This Kymco People is brand-spanking new, still wearing a paper temporary permit. Would you call the color scheme black & ivory, or ivory & black?

Honda Elite, R-Seattle

While lots and lots of scooters sport Obama stickers, some, like the Honda Elite above, don’t.

Vespa SS glows

Orin O'Neill photos

This Vespa SS is actually yellow, with a pearlescent orange clearcoat. For some reason, it shows up orange in the picture. Favicon

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  1. May 13, 2009 7:10 am

    McCain supports the corporate elite, The corporate Elite returns the love.

    Hey, he’s a Valentino Rossi fan, too.

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