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Way to win hearts and minds, folks

April 20, 2009
Tire tracks on the park trail

West Seattle Blog

The picture above was taken in West Seattle’s Solstice Park. The West Seattle Blog reports a group of three scooter riders (who were caught on camera and reported to police) found it necessary to do donuts on the park’s lookout trail.

Yes, an hour or two of raking would return the trail to its previous condition, but that’s not the point. You’re not supposed to ride scooters, motorcycles or anything with an engine on park trails. Not only for the safety of walkers and pets, but to keep the cost of maintaining parks down.

The WSB post includes a picture of the perps, and while they’re far from the photographer I’m pleased to say I don’t recognize any of them. The scooterists I know are intelligent enough and mature enough to not have the need to, I dunno, validate themselves by damaging public property.

Like it or not, all of us who ride are ambassadors for everyone else who rides. The very, very small minority who act like jerks help create the impression among the non-riding public that all who ride are jerks. That sucks, but that’s the way the world works, for better or worse.

I imagine the Parks Department has taken care of this, but if not I’m ready to pick up a rake. How ’bout you? Favicon


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