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Another West Seattle Thursday

February 19, 2009
The PX at Alki Tully's

The PX at Alki Tully's (Orin O'Neill photos)

Time to go read the alt-weeklies.

Seattle Weekly has been showing up late, of late. It’s supposed to be on the street on Wednesday, but that hasn’t been the case in West Seattle. Not that I’m missing much; since Village Voice bought SW, there’s not much worth reading. Since Starbucks is too highbrow to allow the Weekly or The Stranger in its shops, I go to Tully’s on Alki. Cassie is the manager on duty, and she always says something like, “great day for a scooter ride, huh?”

Yes, it was. Kind of. Signs all over proclaimed temperatures in the upper 40s, but it sure felt colder. The PX likes cold air, I just wish I’d added a layer. At least cold air makes for great clouds.


I had taken one of the back ways to Alki, via the Junction. You go a block west and take the diagonal street at the 5-way intersection, which merges into Genesee Street. The arterial winds around some more before ending up on Charlestown Street for a block before it becomes SW Orleans Street. That’s where I stopped to take the pic above, and this one.

Same spot, different angle

Not much of interest in the weeklies this week. By summer, the weeklies may be the only newspapers left in Seattle. Favicon


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