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This is why God made bungee cords

February 12, 2009

The GTS can be a beast of burden at times (Orin O'Neill cell phone photo)

I have a bungee net stashed in the GTS’ top case and the PX’s glove box just for situations like the one above. It didn’t hurt that the box was the perfect size for the pillion perch. Favicon

  1. February 12, 2009 6:31 pm

    been there, done that! bungees are truly a gift of God…

  2. February 16, 2009 12:50 pm

    My bungee net is a bit larger, and too big for most situations that I use it in. Must go look for one more the szie you have. It did work well though when I used to haul around my foldable spinning wheel on the back of the GT.

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