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It’s the height of rally season, somewhere

February 9, 2009

There was snow on the ground in Seattle this morning. It wasn’t much, and it’s pretty much gone from the roads. It is, after all, the middle of winter, and seasonable overnight temperatures make snow a distinct possibility.

So it’s nice to hear about people riding their scooters on a warm, sunny day in the southern hemisphere, where it’s the middle of summer. Scootin’ Old Skool’s Auckland, New Zealand Bureau Chief Ken McGrath reports:

VCNZ group picture

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND, Feb. 7, 2009—In perfect ‘blue dome’ weather and 27°C, we had a lovely run today. The planning paid off because I was able to lead the route without getting confused or lost having chosen a rather circuitous path. My only moment of concern was changing my mind about getting onto Mt Eden Road by taking a direct extension of View Road only to find that in the last few weeks a ‘no right turn’ sign had been installed at the intersection; so a left turn was mandatory and I turned it into an unplanned excursion across the north end of Mt Eden by taking the group through a stub closed to cages with bollards thus looping back onto Mt Eden Rd. The team thought it was an intentional piece of fun!

(As the deodorant commercial once said, “don’t let ’em see you sweat.” Serendipity is the best part of a scooter ride! —Ed.)

VCNZ group picture

The pic on the right shows us on top of One Tree Hill looking north with the city below, the one above shows the team below the south of the hill. You may be able to discern the obelisk on the hilltop behind the leaning pines behind the big non-Vespa that is obscuring my PX.

The numbers were less than usual because the weekend is a holiday—Friday was NZ’s National Day, celebrating the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the foundation document of the then-colony, in 1840. Many went off to a Steam Exhibition at the Glenbrook Steam Railway 50km south.

Ken was kind enough to include a map. Favicon

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  1. chicagoscooterclub permalink
    February 10, 2009 7:52 pm

    Hey Ken, can I come there and do an Endless Summer remake with scooters?

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