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Reader’s Ride: Let it freakin’ snow

December 14, 2008
Todd Q's winter scooter

Todd Quessenberry photo

Bellingham, Wash. is very close to the Canadian border. Some people live there and commute to jobs in Vancouver, B.C. (!) You don’t have to commute to get Vancouver radio and TV. Or Vancouver weather.

The Fraser River Valley is a marvelous conduit for arctic air, so it’s not unusual for the ‘Ham to get snow when we have rain in Seattle. Of course, there are times like now, when that cold Fraser River air makes its way down here. But it usually doesn’t stay for over a week, as it’s predicted to do this time. Oh joy. Seattle deals with snow so well. 😦

As you can see, Todd Quessenberry isn’t gonna let a little snow keep him from riding. He’s taken what looks like a Honda Elite (minus most of the body panels) and enhanced its snow capabilities. He writes, “I made chains for it, but they have clearance issues, so I just go with wire wrapped around the wheels.” Or you could try snow tires. The skis are removable. Favicon


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