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Another West Seattle Sunday

September 14, 2008
The PX gets a bath

Seattle Lutheran High School's car wash did scooters, too (Orin O'Neill cell phone photo)

“C’mon sleepyhead,” I said under my breath as I wheeled the PX out from its secret cul de sac parking space. Since I’ve had to park it outside, the PX needs a bit more coaxing to get up and running. Especially if I don’t ride it for a few days.

The streak of actual summer weather (technically, it is still summer) continues unabated. Perfect weather for some quality time with the PX.

First stop is the Skylark Cafe. Breakfast is great, there are no crowds to speak of, and it can be a good jumping-off point for group rides or individual road trips. I hate to admit it, but I can remember when most of the Buick Skylark ads that highlight the decor were in magazines. Go for the flapjack breakfast.

It’s been a long while since the PX has run the length of Delridge Way, so we head south. There seem to be even more new condos and townhouses than when I was here last, and many formerly scuzzy apartment buildings have been refurbished. There are still a few sketchy spots, and there’s a Shell mini-mart that always seems to be on the local TV news because someone got shot there.

I need to pick up a Sunday paper, so it’s right at SW Barton Street to Westwood Village. Or Westwood Town Center. They still haven’t decided what to call it.

I have a Seattle Sunday paper ritual: buy one, find the nearest recycling container, throw all the inserts except the comics into said recycling container. Yes, I know the inserts make it possible to sell the paper for a buck and a half, but all that advertising is for stuff I neither need nor want.

At times I wonder why I bother with what’s left. The Times and P-I have gotten rid of all the writers that made the papers worth reading, their pages these days mostly filled with syndicated content, mostly from the New York Times. But it’s such a deeply ingrained habit, reading a newspaper every day, that I can’t break it.

I quickly finish reading, and unable to think of anything else I need to do at Westwood whatever, I fire up the PX and point it toward 35th.

There’s a high-school car wash just around the Oregon corner on California Avenue. The PX does need a bath, there being several blobs of bird poop on its cowls. Gotta find a garage, I think, but in the meantime I’ll take advantage of the opportunity.

The PX gets clean and Seattle Lutheran High School gets a another buck in the kitty for its participation in the Alki breast cancer walk. And I don’t doubt the PX enjoyed the attention. Favicon

  1. September 24, 2008 12:19 pm

    So they Times or the P.I.??? Which did you buy?

  2. September 24, 2008 12:43 pm

    Both. Seattle, like most other cities that still have two daily newspapers, lives under a Joint Operating Agreement, where the two papers have merged their business and circulation departments but maintain separate editorial groups.

    The Sunday publication is called the Sunday Seattle Times/Post-Intelligencer. The P-I only produces a two-page commentary/op-ed section, the rest is produced by The Times. And these days, most of the content is from The Other Times, the one in New York.

    As I said, at times I wonder why I don’t just get the NY Times, but then I remember it costs five bucks…

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