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Okay fine, fer-shurr, fer-shurr

August 14, 2008
The PX at Westwood Village

Orin O'Neill cell phone photo

The unpacking process has advanced to the point where I can actually walk through the kitchen! The living room still needs work, however.

And I’m going to need some stuff that can only be found at a mall.

Seattle is a city of neighborhoods. People who live within the city limits will tell you they live in Fremont, or on Capitol Hill, or as I now do, in West Seattle. (People who say they live “in Seattle” usually live on the Eastside)

Seattle’s neighborhoods all have nice little business districts, with a small-town Main Street feel. I always try to find a place to live close to one of these business districts, so I can walk to do the mundane errands. There are three grocery stores and a Bartell Drugs within a few blocks of the new place, so most of my needs will be covered.

Still, the Admiral and Alaska Junctions don’t have everything, and Northgate is too far away. A trip to Westwood Village was in order.

Westwood Village (Or is it Westwood Town Center? Signs say both) recently went through a remodel, its owners jumping on the “lifestyle center” bandwagon. However, being in a neighborhood still thought of by some as “tha GHET-to” limits how far upscale they could go.

There’s a Tar-zhay, the anchor store. Barnes and Noble’s there too, and they’re open ’til 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. Radio Shack, check. Starbucks, of course, but just one (most malls have two or even three). Jamba Juice, Hollywood Video, family-run teriyaki joint, check, check, check. QFC, a grocery store that’s thought of as upscale, even though it’s just another division of Kroger, check.

The lifestyle center moniker demands either faux-Tuscan, or in this case, faux-“sustainable” architecture. I’m guessing the place was once enclosed, but now everything is out in the open, laid out in a way that tries to suggest a small-town business district. Wait long enough, enclosed will make a comeback.

At this point, I’d be happy to see some designated scooter parking. Favicon


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