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Reader’s Ride: 1986 Honda Elite 150

June 8, 2008
'86 Honda Elite 150

1986 Honda Elite 150 (Lance Finley photos)

I love fan mail.

Lance Finley of North Bend, Wash. sent the pics. He writes:

I wanted to say thanks for your website – it’s been very helpful to me in my scootering education. Last summer I bought a 1986 Honda Elite with 22,000 miles from a gentleman in Maple Valley. Unfortunately, I let it sit (with gas in the tank) until this May when I passed my motorcyle safety training course, and then had to get the carb cleaned from the old gas – lesson learned. It’s working great now, and I am loving “scootin old school”…

…I feel pretty fortunate to have picked up a 150, since the hills in North Bend near where I live are steep, but the scooter takes it all in stride, with plenty of power to drag me up with it!

'86 Honda Elite 150 

As you can see, this particular Elite is in really good shape, and 22K on the clock is actually rather low mileage for a 22-year-old scooter. These days, lots of Elites are running around Seattle’s streets, and a lot of them are as old or older than Lance’s. Notice the foot-operated rear brake; new twist ‘n go scooters are required by law to have lever-operated brakes on both ends, but the Elite got a pass due to its old design and long production run. Not quite as long as the Vespa P/PX, but still long.

Remember the ad with Lou Reed? It was on MTV… a lot. It looked like the videos MTV showed. Yes, MTV used to show music videos 24/7. Really.

The best part was Reed’s line at the end: “Hey! Don’t settle for walkin’.” Favicon

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  1. Scooterguy67 permalink
    June 10, 2008 9:42 am

    AWWW, This is exactly my first bike. “Breezy” Same color and everything. Didn’t look this nice when I was done with it. But wow it was a great bike.

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