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56 degrees and sunny

February 24, 2008
The PX and Frankenstella

Orin O'Neill photos

“You brought the sun with you,” said Kat(t) as the marine layer dissolved, revealing blue sky and fluffy clouds. We’re heading to our bikes, about to depart Capitol Hill for Edmonds.

There was a third scooter, a plum LX 50 ridden by a lady in a pink motorcycle jacket. “Have a nice ride!” she said.

Kat(t) will have a nice ride for sure, the giddiness resulting from a functional Frankenstella apparently somewhat compensating for her week-old GTS being laid up—still—at Big People.

The original plan was to ride to Bellingham, but Kat(t) is not quite ready to trust Frankenstella at that great of a distance. Edmonds is an easy ride, but quite scenic with gently-curving roads running through forested parks. If you want to see the route, click “Maps” in the nav bar and look for “Seattle to Edmonds.”

As we make the loop around Green Lake, I’m really happy with the way the PX is running. I wish I’d figured this out before rally season ’07. Oh, well. At stop lights, Kat(t) grins. All is well.

In no time at all, we’re in Edmonds. In my mirror, I see a blue Vino 125. “We’ve got company,” I tell Kat(t). We’re riding along, but I realize something is amiss. There are signs for SR 524. No, that’s not right. I find a place to turn around.

We exchange introductions with Vino 125 Guy, who says, “you looked like you were having fun, so I thought I’d ride with you.” Well, I explain, I was trying for downtown. “You were really close,” he says, and offers to lead us.

Once we’re pointed in the right direction, Vino 125 Guy waves goodbye, and we park. This looks just like my hometown in Connecticut, says Kat(t). I’m not surprised to hear her say that; Edmonds, like many places, has gone uptown, the storefronts that once held hardware stores and haberdashers now occupied by galleries and boutiques.

Kat(t) takes pictures

We stroll down to the ferry dock, whereupon Kat(t) pulls out her camera and starts snapping pictures of the mountains across Puget Sound, sharp white against the the deep blue sky. “Are there creatures?” she asks as we walk toward the beach, visible thanks to a low tide. Alki Beach is a good place to find small crabs and such, but all we find here is kelp, and a tubular thing, natural or man-made we can’t decide.

Following lunch at La Puerta, we walk back toward our bikes, and who should appear but Vino 125 Guy. He tells us he also has a Harley, but hasn’t ridden it much lately. Partly because of the price of gas, partly because the Vino’s so much fun. We can relate.

I blow it again, getting us onto quasi-freeway SR 104. Luckily, I find a place to turn around and get us back on the road through Woodway. Our next stop is Richmond Beach Park. If I can remember how to get there.

I remember. Go straight on 20th, instead of making the left onto Richmond Beach Road. The gate is a few blocks away. If Kat(t) was thrilled with the Edmonds waterfront, she is (thrilled)³ by the view at Richmond Beach Park’s entrance. This is a view just about to die for, made all the better by the bright sunshine, which makes the water of Puget Sound sparkle like a field of diamonds. She takes lots of pictures here, too.

We rode down the hill and walked on the beach, which is a great place for watching sunsets. She proposes taking a small dog running up and down the beach with us, but I remind her the PX’s top case has a large label that says, “NO PETS.” And there’s no place to hide the dog on Frankenstella. So the dog stays.

We’re headed for home, the sun still shining. It’s been the kind of day that prompts people who see your motorcycle helmet to say, “great day for a ride, huh?” Yes it was. Most definitely. Favicon

  1. February 24, 2008 9:01 pm

    Cool! Sounds like F___S____a is back among the living again. Good job, Orin!

    Your faithful “sidekick” -:)

  2. February 27, 2008 3:45 pm

    Beautiful ride and lovely photos. 56 and sunny sounds just a tad cold for us Floridians.

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