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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2008
Space Needle fireworks

It's midnight! (Orin O'Neill photo)

This was easier than I’d dared hope. It took only 10 minutes to get to the City Light substation at Taylor and Thomas, and there was plenty of room on the sidewalk along the fence/artwork to park the PX. All that remained was to wait for the stroke of midnight.

I decided to stay with the bike. There were plenty of drunks around, and the smell of pot was so thick, I thought for a moment that I was in Vancouver, B.C. I didn’t need for some idiot or collection thereof to celebrate the new year by trashing the PX in some way.

I have a wonderful view, this being the first time seeing the Space Needle fireworks in several years. I have a wonderful view of the goings-on around me.

Some people yell from a window at the Executive Inn, “an ambulance is on the way!” That didn’t take long. A Fire Department Medic One unit arrived shortly thereafter, the paramedics attending to a barefoot person, sprawled unconscious on the street. Eventually an ambulance came and collected the person, presumably taking him/her to Harborview. I heard someone say something about alcohol poisoning.

Not long after the ambulance left, a bunch of police cars with sirens blaring and lights blazing zoomed west on Thomas, headed for Broad Street, I guess. Not sure why.

There were cheers over at Seattle Center as the fireworks show began, but it seemed a bit early. Then the fireworks stopped, and started again, and stopped again. Something seemed wrong, though the fireworks display is televised and the breaks might have been for commercials. I’ll have to look into it, but on KING5’s early evening newscast, they interviewed someone from the Space Needle, who said the display would last eight minutes. I should think that would be continuous.

Once the show appeared to be over, I hopped on the PX and headed out, going east on Broad Street in hopes of making it to Westlake and home.

There was no traffic to speak of, and the addition of a new signal between Westlake and Fairview to accomodate the SLUT has the added bonus of creating gaps that make left turns much easier.

There’s some idiot wandering around in the street just north of Jillian’s, jabbering on his cell phone, and a bit further north a Passat stops for no apparent reason, the driver turning on the 4-way flashers. But that was the extent of the idiocy on this trip.

Have a safe, happy and hopeful New Year. I plan to celebrate by going on a ride. Favicon

UPDATE: Turns out something did go wrong.

  1. January 1, 2008 5:50 am

    Happy New Year to you!

  2. January 1, 2008 8:47 am

    I too plan on a morning ride to watch the “Polar Bear Dip.” About 80 people bring in the new year by jumping into the harbor about a block from the ferry terminal. I’ll sip coffee, while they sip seawater.

    Back in my rock-n-roll days, I spent a few New Year’s Eve’s in Seattle Center watching the fireworks at the Needle. I remember a few revelers being hauled off in an aid car too. Always something interesting to watch while waiting for the show to start.

    Have fun,

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