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Queen Anne Hill is like a box of chocolates

October 26, 2007
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Cresting the hill on Boston Street, there’s a giant barricade blocking the street. There’s another one several blocks further west, and a Metro trolley bus is nosed into an alley, its poles retracted. A guy in a hardhat and day-glo vest is motioning to go left or right. I nod acknowledgement, but I still want to know what’s going on.

“There’s a gas leak,” the guy says. Okay, I’ll just go left. What street is this?

It’s Nob Hill Avenue. Okay, not a problem, I’ll go straight until I see a cross-street I know will get me back to Queen Anne Avenue.

I find such a street, but Nob Hill extends further south. Oh, what the heck, I’ll keep going straight… I don’t recall ever going this way.

I take a little jog, and what’s this? Fire Station 8, which is at the corner of Nob Hill and Lee St. I’ve always wondered where this was. I wouldn’t want to have to try to drive a fire truck out of here, but I suppose they’ve had lots of practice dealing with narrow streets made narrower still by parked cars.

Back on Galer, it dead-ends (actually, it turns into a stairway), so I need to go right and find another cross-street.

Blaine. This one will take you to the West Queen Anne walls and around to Highland Drive and Kerry Park. But I usually don’t ride it from where I am now, so what the heck?

There are more fall colors, and more Craftsmans I could never hope to buy. And traffic circles.

Here’s 6th Avenue W. Two more blocks and we’re on our way to the picture postcard view, but I’m thinking, what will I see if I turn right? Something new, that’s what. Favicon


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