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Southbound on Montlake

September 6, 2007
Montlake Bridge

Seattle's Montlake Bridge (Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons)

The sun was shining, and for once I wasn’t in any particular hurry. The PX burbled contentedly, and traffic was light and relaxed as we approached the foot bridge. But something in the gutter caught my eye.

Leaves. Dry, brown leaves. I looked up at the maple trees that line the west side of the street. Brown leaves there, interspersed among the green ones. Well, it is September. Fall will be here shortly.

I’m afraid I don’t understand the appeal of fall. A friend describes fall as “invigorating.” My reply is always, what the hell is so invigorating about sunrise at 8:30 am and pitch darkness at 4:15 pm?

But the Autumnal Equinox is still a couple weeks away, so I’ll enjoy the pleasant temperature and the Lake Union view from Northlake Way. Once I get there.

Just past the pedestrian bridge is where you bear right on Pacific Place, which takes you to Pacific Street, which will take you past the Northlake Tavern and your choice of Lake Union and downtown views.

I can’t remember the last time there wasn’t a bus coming the opposite way. In this case, it’s one of Metro’s former tunnel buses turned trolley bus, wrapped in an iPod advertisement.

“Why does Apple still feel the need to advertise iPods?” I think as I get closer to the bus. Surely, even a cave dweller on a Himalayan peak knows what an iPod is…

As I pass alongside, there’s a blue and yellow square, quite noticable on the orange background of the bus wrap. What?


Someone took an X-acto knife and cut out the picture of Martin Luther King, Jr., which replaced the crown-in-rings logo for King County. Bus Chick would not be pleased to see this. Favicon


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