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Returning from the land of flashing green traffic signals

September 3, 2007
Welcome sign

Welcome to Washington (Orin O'Neill photo)

“How you get from Washington?” asked the Chinese man in the teal Corolla. “I rode it,” I said. He responded with thumbs up and an ear-to-ear grin.

I’d just finished breakfast, and was on my way to Continental Coffee on Commercial Drive. This was the meetup spot for what amounted to the end of the rally, at least for those from out of town. There weren’t too many rally participants around, but someone said the late-night clothing-optional ride (don’t ask) and beach bonfire went as late as quarter to 5 this morning.

Brent was a bit late, but no worries. We ended up leaving around 11:30, which I figured would still get us across the border well before the mad end-of-holiday weekend rush.

We went back the way we came. Kingsway probably had the most traffic of the trip, at least until we hit Everett. The Patullo Bridge not being impeded by a U-Haul minus an axle, we zipped across to Whalley, zipped east on BC 1A (except for the part that goes through the middle of downtown Langley), and to our astonishment, spent less than five minutes at the Aldergrove border crossing.

The few drops of rain that fell in Vancouver were gone by New Westminster. There was even a bit of sun as we left Bellingham.

And this time, I got the turns right! We took Bow Lake Road to Edison, as we were supposed to, and made the jog across the railroad tracks in Stanwood that put us on Marine Drive.

With few other vehicles on the road, I could open up the PX and let ‘er rip. Not too much, as Brent’s kitted ET2 couldn’t go quite as fast and I didn’t want to be impolite and ditch him. The roads on this route are mostly smooth and free of cracks and potholes, so the PX wasn’t so twitchy and nervous. And the fillup in Bellingham at the beginning of Chuckanut Drive lasted all the way home.

Unlike the stock pipe, the Sito Plus is still matte black after running almost flat out almost all day. The controls still feel smoother, and the engine feels a little less coarse.

But then, that’s what these things were made for. Favicon

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  1. September 3, 2007 6:36 pm

    Welcome back! That was some trip you’ve had.

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