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Still in the land of flashing green traffic signals

September 2, 2007
da Vinci's Inquest

Nicholas Campbell starred as Vancouver Coroner Dominic da Vinci in the series 'Da Vinci's Inquest' (Da Vinci Online)

Had it not been canceled a couple of seasons ago, I’d have guessed the scene playing out as we rode by was being filmed for an episode of Da Vinci’s Inquest. There were several police cars and a bunch of cops talking on cell phones, surrounding a guy who looked, shall we say, rather well-used.

Today saw the second trip to the North Shore. This time, we turned right instead of left, our destination being a place called Deep Cove.

The route didn’t pass through a shopping mall parking lot as did yesterday’s; we were riding in the shadow (at least there would’ve been one if it wasn’t cloudy) of Mt. Seymour. It was raining when the group convened for breakfast in CRAB Park.

Attendance for the weekend was down from last year, and there were fewer riders this morning, maybe due to the weather. Maybe.

In order to get to the North Shore, you have to take Trans-Canada 1. It’s therefore nice that the speed limit on the bridge is 70 km/h (that’s about 45 mph). Nicer still, people in Vancouver are pretty chill on what pass for freeways, pretty much sticking to the posted speed limits.

But it’s still wet, and as I was when I raced, I don’t like to hang it all out when the pavement is wet. The group had gotten separated, so I was trying to keep scooters in sight because I have absolutely no idea where we are going.

We’re going mostly uphill, and the wisdom of the Sito Plus upgrade was once again proven as I was able to stay on pace, usually in 4th gear. Throughout the journey, the PX’s hummingbird heart has proven even stronger now that it can breathe more freely.

Oh. We’ve arrived. I remember this place from last year. At the time, I didn’t know it was called Deep Cove. Favicon

Here’s where the ride went:


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