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Pipe Dreams: the test ride

August 3, 2007

I was a bit disappointed by the sound the PX was making. A Stella with a Sito Plus makes a very rich broop-broop-broop sound. This was more of a braap-braap-braap.

But it’s idling just fine, or maybe even a little fast. Let’s head out!

I notice the tiniest bit of hesitation, but now that I think about it, it’s no different than with the old pipe, since the engine is cold.

It sure sounds faster. I’m taking it easy on the throttle, so if the choice of jet is way off, the ill effects will be minimized. I installed a new spark plug when I changed the jet, so the reading should be as accurate as possible.

Back at Soundspeed, Joe tells me to take a 10-mile or so ride that includes fast, slow and uphill sections. Listen carefully to the engine, he says… if you hear a sound like marbles rattling around in a tin can, stop immediately.

I’m cranking the throttle a bit harder now, and I definitely notice a difference in throttle response. Going uphill on Fremont Avenue, I can hold 4th gear where I used to have to drop it into 3rd.

After a stop at Cafe Racer, I head for Aurora, the idea being to make a speed run across the bridge. I work the bike a little harder, and it’s definitely peppier.

My ride ended up being about 15 miles, but the engine seems to be running well so I’m not worried. I parked in the basement and left the engine to cool.

A few hours later, I pulled the plug. Except for a tiny, tiny brown bit on the end of the electrode, the plug is uncolored. I guess I need to ride it more. Favicon


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