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Pipe Dreams: the test ride, continued

August 3, 2007

I am continuing to ride, since the spark plug had no color. So far, the PX continues to run well, and it feels much more vigorous. But I notice other things as well.

There is a definite paint smell as the matte black finish of the Sito Plus pipe gets baked. I also notice more of a 2-stroke exhaust smell, and when firing it up first thing in the morning, there’s a bit of smoke, though this was also true when the bike was new.

I notice many other places where I can hold a higher gear than previously, and the engine doesn’t bog down in second gear on the occasional California stop (hey, there are times when it’s difficult to put your feet down).

I also notice a greater degree of precision in throttle response. When starting uphill, I can give it just the right amount of gas to get going without rolling back, or lurching forward. Same deal with shifting gears on hard acceleration… where it sometimes jerked, I can now be close to seamless.

The proof of the pudding came when I had to go to SoDo. It’s midday, so I decide to take the Viaduct.

Accelerating off the ramp at Western Avenue, I crank it hard and move to the left lane. The PX accelerates strongly, and I guess you could say happily. In short order, I see 55 mph on the speedometer (which, as you’ll recall, is really 47). But unlike previous times, there’s room to twist the right handgrip further.

Now the speedo is showing 56. Favicon


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