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Heck yeah, I ride in winter

December 21, 2006


Today is the day of the Winter Solstice. The question I am asked most often (after “do you ride in the rain?”) is, “do you ride in winter?” Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I?

Of course, one must remember that Seattle doesn’t really have winter… just a very long fall that leads into spring. If Seattle had been hit with the blizzard that hit Denver, no, I wouldn’t be riding… though I suppose someone somewhere might have a ski thingy that would replace the front wheel, and some kind of knobby tire for the rear, making it possible to ride in 22 inches of snow. I don’t have any of that stuff.

But I didn’t need it. The temperature was 47°F, and once a brief shower had passed, the sky was cloudless. Off to Cafe Racer!

Cissy, the day manager, was preparing to make the day’s special, a cream of mushroom soup. However, the recipe called for sherry, and she had none. I was the only customer, so she asked if I could go to the nearest liquor store and get some sherry. There’s a free bowl of soup in it for me.

I’m all over it!

This is the kind of stuff one gets a scooter for. As I skirt the shore of Green Lake, I think of an old Renault ad (yeah, this one was really old, like mid-1960s old) that posed the question, do you really need your giant Detroit barge to pick up a loaf of bread? Of course not, the ad said, so you should get yourself a Renault 8 for those kinds of tasks. But a Vespa works pretty well, too.

Especially for a bottle of the cheapest sherry at the state liquor store. That was a liter of Gallo’s finest, at $4.12, including tax.

The soup was really good. Some wild rice would’ve made it even better, we agree, so that’ll be tomorrow’s special.

Lunch over, it’s time to go. Should I go for a long ride? The sky to the west is a solid medium gray. That means it’s raining. I think the U-Dub route would be a good choice, being long, but not so long that I would be stuck in a downpour.

Passing University Hospital, the shade of gray has darkened; by the time I reached the Fremont Bridge, it was darker still. A few drops of rain appear on my face shield as I pull into the alley behind my condo building.

The Winter Solstice has occured. It’s now officially winter. Favicon


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