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It was the wind

December 17, 2006
Storm damage

Seattle doesn't have hurricanes, but some wind storms come close (Wikimedia Commons)

Happy Hanukkah.

It’s not so much that the sun was out today. It’s more about having electricity, and not having a tree in the middle of my living room.

A storm came into Seattle on Thursday. This one was considered worse than the 1993 Inauguration Day storm, which found yours truly having to camp out at a friend’s house when high winds knocked down trees and rendered the two Lake Washington floating bridges impassable. I probably could’ve made it home, except for not having a car at the time. A Vespa might have been a possibility, had Piaggio been doing business in the U.S. at the time, but their re-entry would come seven years later.

How bad did things get? Microsoft shut down on Friday due to lack of electricity. Apparently they don’t generate their own. Lots of folks stayed home, either because their workplaces were closed for the same reason as Microsoft, or because a tree was blocking a road somewhere.

The PX stayed in the garage until today because it was cold, but that turned out to be a blessing in disguise because so much rain had fallen, lots of streets were covered with mud and gravel. Or the streets themselves turned to mud and gravel.

I decided to go to Madison Park. It’s a fairly lengthy ride and you get there via the Arboretum. I hadn’t been there for a while, and particularly hadn’t been to The Attic for a while. The Attic, instead of being an “Irish” pub, is more like a pub in Ireland… soccer banners for Irish teams hang from the rafters and Guinness products are prominent on the beer taps, but you only see leprechauns and 4-leaf clovers on St. Patrick’s Day (they serve a killer Irish stew on that day).

Getting down there was uneventful, and the Big Turkey Club sandwich was really good. Coming back was an eye-opener: there were a bunch of downed trees on Madison Street, along with downed street lights and leaning utility poles. And debris. Madison Park is where Old-Money Seattle lives, and it’s usually neat as a pin. Not since the storm. It looks like most of the branches and other junk have been gathered into piles, but there are stacks of Yule logs everywhere, usually next to stumps.

I wish I had a fireplace. Favicon


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