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My past returns

November 11, 2006

McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg

Happily, the rain being predicted didn’t materialize. And I had a serious craving for a McDonald’s Sausage McMuffin with Egg. Time to ride!

It was rather chilly, and I’m thinking it’s time to dress more warmly and start wearing the Buff. But I’m only going a short distance, and from the looks of things, the gray clouds will soon give way to sunshine and white, fluffy ones.

This particular McDonald’s was once a source of great entertainment. It is situated literally in the shadow of the Space Needle. Prior to being remodeled, you could get a seat next to the door facing 5th Avenue North and Broad Street, which are the two nearest streets to Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair landmark. When the monorail is running (a big if these days), it runs right past the place.

Upon getting your favorite food-like substances, you could sit near this door and listen to the many amazing answers to the question, “where’s the Space Needle?”

Now, the correct answer to this question would be, “see that big white beam sticking out of the ground behind you? That’s it. Walk in that direction.” Of course, that’s an answer you are highly unlikely to hear. Most of the time, no one will know (even though the Space Needle looms very large over all of the buildings in the immediate area). But occasionally, people will offer directions that take the questioner in amazingly roundabout directions. One guy had the hapless tourists taking a detour to Tacoma.

However, the place was remodeled after someone tried to burn it down (long story, best left for another time) and now there is no seating near the door. And presumably, people now know where the Space Needle is, because they don’t ask.

Having finished breakfast, I walk out to the de facto motorcycle parking space, a trapezoidal area defined by white lines, near the short stairway to the crosswalk at 5th. Guess what’s parked next to the PX…

My old ET! It now has 11,115 miles on it, and last I heard it was being passed around among the staff at Vespa Seattle as a company, uh, bike. No, they haven’t peeled the decals off, and no, they haven’t repaired the minor damage incurred over the summer when I dumped it in a mud puddle. They put a new rear tire on it (it was due), and I’m going to guess they’ve done the 11,200 mile service (it was also due). It’ll be a good bike for someone. And as an added bonus, it has a starring role in a movie!

The Butterfly of Panama speculates that it misses me, and keeps trying to find me. I tend to think it’s just in the neighborhood, and these meetings are coincidental. As soon as someone buys it, it will disappear.

However, if I win the Lotto tonight, one of the things I’ve decided to do is go to Vespa Seattle and buy it back. Favicon


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